Nebraska Board Of Realtors Purchase Agreement

If you receive an offer to purchase your property, you have the option to accept the offer, refuse or make a counter-offer, if you have questions about a contract, seek advice from a real estate licensee or a lawyer. Disclosure s. 76-2.120 of the seller – buyers of real estate must receive a written statement describing the status of the property before the sale contract comes into effect. Whether using a real estate licensee or selling your same home the law requires that if you sell a residential property of 1 to 4 units, you must provide a disclosure form of the status of the real estate seller to all potential buyers before they are forced to buy your property. You should therefore fill out this form in depth and make it available to all interested buyers. This form can be found on the Nebraska Real Estate Commission website at If you have questions about the obligations and responsibilities of a real estate licensee, you can email the Deputy Director of Law Enforcement at: If you are considering using the services of a real estate licensee, you can verify the status of your real estate license by accessing the website of information of licensees A and applicants on the Nebraska Real Estate Commission website. This site also tells you if disciplinary action has already been taken against the person`s license. This information is available at: If you believe that a real estate licensee has violated the Real Estate Licensing Act or the rules and regulations, you can file claim forms with the Commission that trigger an investigation and may lead to disciplinary action against the real estate licensee`s real estate licensee. Information about the claim procedure can be found at: Nebraska`s sales contract is an integral part of a real estate transaction.

This is what legally obliges the seller and buyer to make the terms of a sale. The buyer will usually take the first step by making an offer on the property. The terms of the offer are recorded in this form and submitted to the seller in the hope of being accepted. The owner may then consider whether he accepts the conditions made available or whether he wishes to oppose the proposal with other conditions. Some of the areas that should be covered in the document are the serious money deposit, the final sale price and the expected closing date. Once these issues have been resolved and both parties are satisfied with the written terms, they will be able to close the sale by executing the signature portion of the contract. If you speak to a licensee or if a licensee contacts you, they must provide you with an information brochure describing the relationship of the Agency it offers or gives you, this material should be made available to you as soon as possible during or after the first incoming contact of the licensee.

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