Treatment Room Rental Agreement

48 hours in advance is required for all room cancellations, otherwise a full fee will be charged. To use the trust spaces, you need to write to the Trust and explain how you will use the space with the relevant details of your background and 1.1. Three rooms can be rented for psychotherapy and a seminar room is available for meetings. Some consultation rooms have a direct intercom and you can ring your client directly in your room. This should only happen if you know you will be in the room when they arrive, as this may interrupt another user`s session. 1.10 In the case of a complaint filed by other users of the space, an alert message is issued – If more than three warnings are issued by the room manager, you will be asked to return the keys and your contract will be terminated. 1) Respect all furniture and faucets and leave the rooms as they were found. 2) To inform the change if they have to cancel the session. At least 24 hours` notice is required, otherwise the change can still be calculated for the room. 3) Provision of own resources and own management. 4) Pay half of the room rental if a customer`s DNA.

5) Pay your bill either if you see your customer or at the end of each month. Non-payment results in the removal of room rent. The changes do not accept credit or debit cards. 6) Be fully responsible for the health and safety of your clients/students. The changes are not responsible for damage to personal property. All bags and coats are left at their own risk. 7) Providing up-to-date DBS, compensation insurance, proof of professional career, qualifications. You are not allowed to make a copy of the room keys and you are not allowed to pass on your keys to third parties. b. Noise: In order to achieve a calm environment for advice and training, tenants and their clients must speak silently in the areas just before the boardrooms and training. The use of mobile phones is only allowed in the common room. 2.4 Basement: The basement has two smaller rooms, the library and meditation room, suitable for small groups or tips; and a large training hall of about 420m2.

2.3 Ground floor: The ground floor has 10 consultation rooms. On the ground floor there is also a reception open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. During standard breaks – appointments set by the AJA – you will not be charged for two weeks of Christmas/New Year, one week on Easter and two weeks in August.

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