Unbc Faculty Association Collective Agreement

UNBC-FA serves the interests of nearly 500 full-time and part-time members on Prince George and UNBC regional campuses. All faculty faculties, including long-time and tenure-Track faculty members, chief laboratory professors, librarians and contract specialists of all categories – are automatically members of the UNBC FA and are entitled to their services. READ MORE: UnBC`s Faculty Association suspends the strike, a bad faith complaint against the university “I think only a person who didn`t understand the meaning and importance of respect for all employees would even make an offer like this,” he said. How can you imagine that the faculty would accept this agreement? “The employer is ready to continue negotiations and continues to advocate for an agreement around the table,” the statement said. “We need to reach a branch collective agreement because it is so important to the long-term sustainability of a university we love so much,” Rader said. The Association of Faculties of the University of Mount St. Vincent and the University are scheduled to enter into law on January 2. If there is no agreement, full-time teachers, librarians and lab teachers say they will be on strike on January 7, the day students return for the winter semester. The University of Mont Saint-Vincent wishes to inform its students of the negotiations between the school and the faculty association. If there was no agreement, the union would be on strike on the right from January 7 – first-year students will return to class in 2019.

The financial commitments taken into account in collective bargaining are long-term and go well beyond the duration of a collective agreement. The overall compensation package proposed by the university under the five-year contract adds $4.5 million to the compensation of FA members and provides a solid foundation on which to build. In comparison, the Faculty Association`s compensation proposal, calculated over the same five-year period, was estimated by UNBC to be more than $20 million, including benefits. On behalf of the 600 members of the Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association, I would like to fully support your efforts to negotiate a first collective agreement that meets the needs of all your members. For a CBC, this would represent a cumulative increase in faculty salaries of 5.5%, after two years (2012-13 and 2013-14) where faculty salaries increased by 2.5% each year. Mount offered pay increases of 1.75 percent for full-time faculties and librarians and two percent for lab professors in each of the next three years, in addition to regularly increasing their salaries, according to the email. This proposal is in line with my decision to join UNBC and the many messages I have received from the academic community calling for UNBC to continue to focus on its mission as a regionally responsive research university, which seeks excellence in teaching, research and service. “Delays in all kinds of collective bargaining are unfortunate,” said Stephen Rader, PRESIDENT of the FA. “But we are now at a point where we have no turning back for the semester, and we are very worried about our students.” UNBC-FA was founded in 1994 under the BC Society Act and was union certified by the BC Labour Office on April 29, 2014. it also promotes and supports the principles of academic freedom, non-discrimination, mandate and quality post-secondary education.

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