Uw Roommate Agreement

Contact your roommate before you arrive at school – find out who brings what, what will be your room disposal, and learn more about your roommate, so you have things to discuss when you arrive in your dorm. University Housing strongly encourages students to actively solve problems and sees locker rooms as a last resort once all other options have failed. In some irreconcilable situations, the complex manager may find that a change of space is warranted. In the event of a roommate conflict, students must complete the form of the roommate agreement and prove that, in good faith, an attempt has been made to resolve the dispute. In order to accurately assess the occupancy of the buildings, no space changes are allowed during the first two weeks of the fall or spring semester. Students should keep all the furniture in the space in order and not prevent potential new roommates from moving in. All students involved in space changes must obtain the approval of their resort manager before moving. To apply for a roommate, you and your favorite roommate (requests must be reciprocal) must go to My UW Housing and conclude this: Although some roommates never disagree and always seem to understand, most roommates will have a conflict from time to time. It`s human nature! Instead of being wary of it, find out how you plan to deal with the situation. If so, let your Community Councillor (CA) know; They are there for a reason and can help manage the situation. We provided this model agreement based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health guidelines. You can customize this or create your own. One way or another, we advise you to start the conversation with your roommates as soon as possible, so there is time to discuss these issues before moving in.

If you are struggling with your roommates, you can always talk about any problems you have with your Resident Assistant, Assistant Complex Director or Complex Director. You are trained to help you solve these problems. Every year, thousands of students choose a roommate at random. It`s a great way to meet someone new and maybe from a background other than you. In our surveys of residents at the end of the school year, the satisfaction rates of random roommates are generally the same or better than the preferred roommates with whom they have chosen. As soon as students arrive on campus, their Community Advisor (CA) orders them to complete an online Roommate Self-Inventory. Once the two roommates have completed their self-inventory, the results are collected to show preferences that coincide or do not match. The CAs then work with pairs of roommates to find an agreement on preferences that do not coincide.

The resulting Roommate Agreement should be used year-round by roommates and CAs in the event of a problem or conflict. The forms below are examples of the types of questions asked about the Roommate Online Self-Inventory Roommate and Agreement. Students are encouraged to check these materials before arriving on campus, so that they can get an idea of their personal preferences, since they refer to the sharing of a room. By signing your housing contract, you have entered into a legal agreement that provides that if your roommate violates a residence rule while you are in the room (for example. B drinking minors), you have a co-responsible responsibility for the incident, even if you are not directly involved in the behavior (for example. B consume alcohol).

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