Voodoo Publishing Agreement

When he is there, it is often said unequivocally that the publisher can process all these sequels and other derivative works. From the developer`s point of view, we want each new game to be renegotiated in a separate agreement. Paris, France 11 August 2020: Voodoo, the #1 Mobile Games Publisher worldwide in terms of downloads, has announced the launch of a hyper-casual gaming competition that will allow mobile developers (historic studios and newcomers to the sector) to get big cash prizes and attractive publishing contracts. I have verified and negotiated a number of these publication agreements on behalf of publishers and developers. You usually have several points of agreement that don`t work in favor of the developer, through the design. Your updated post disappoints me on the scale of the Anothee. I made this Android game and expected to show it voodoo, but now I think I`ll better take it elsewhere and wait. Anyway, thanks for the info. Keep us informed This is easy to resolve by incorporating a few delays into the agreement. If you have not made the game available to consumers within a specified time frame, you should have the option to terminate the contract. After all, the deal is probably full of holes (I haven`t read it), but it mostly says they have the first look of the next game and if you like it, so they have the right to publish it, otherwise, then we can do what we want here, if you want to do them, it`s to make a prototype of waste, they skip it, you improve it and publish it on their own, I know because I do it for my own clients. We see their agreements as the best-case scenario, with the hope that there will be and that there will be a few. This leaves room for negotiation and concessions, so the other party feels they are getting a good deal.

But really, all they did was move the needle a little toward the center, where we expected to be. In the end, entering into a publishing contract is a bit like buying a used car – a scary experience for the uninitiated. However, if you know what to pay attention to and how to negotiate these issues, the process can be very rewarding and fruitful for your gaming studio.

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