Cargo Handling Service Level Agreement

Despite the importance of PMS in the air cargo sector, most of the agreements currently used by carriers and freight forwarders are so complicated and time-consuming to read that they are often completely overlooked. This can cause serious problems when partners work in totally different assumptions about how to process the data. Since the beneficiaries of these services are both the customer and the end users, a rigorous control and monitoring process of the perceived level of quality must be implemented. This information is therefore particularly important for air cargo shippers to have a clear understanding of the LBS they have received and to negotiate appropriate LBS from the outset. Nevertheless, their length and complexity can pose challenges when it comes to negotiating a new agreement. This single document can have a profound impact on the technical and operational aspects of air cargo carriers, including the format of electronic records to be used (such as Cargo-IMP or Cargo-XML), how to record shipment registration information and the handling of cases in which air cargo mail data is refused by an airline`s system due to syntax errors. These standards are then measured and evaluated to verify the degree of compliance. It is therefore appropriate to define a number of indicators and quality of service parameters in order to identify weaknesses and implement improvement measures or procedures. AERTEC Solutions can help your airport define and monitor SLA standards for all different services Managing an airport requires the definition of service level agreements (SLAs) to determine the level of quality of services provided by a company, agent or dealer at the airport. One way to solve the problem is to implement an IT solution that allows you to manage multiple relationships with a single SLA for all partners. . . .

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