Child Support Arrears Agreement

3. If a court reduces arrears under this Section, the Tribunal may order that the reduced arrears not be collected in the event of interest if it is satisfied that it would be grossly abusive not to issue such an injunction. The FMEP does not have the possibility to modify the injunctions and agreements submitted to it for enforcement, although it takes important judge-type decisions on persons who may or may not be entitled to family allowances in cases of children over 19 years of age. The FMEP cannot increase or reduce the amount of a maintenance obligation for children and cannot reduce or eliminate arrears of family allowances. If you are a payer who wishes to file a lawsuit to reduce or cancel child support arrears and the FMEP is involved in your case, you must submit your claim to the FMEP as well as to the recipient. (b) Any decision resulting from an order for child support under the law shall be paid with interest in accordance with this subsection. Interest on decisions resulting from maintenance orders under the law is calculated by applying one twelfth of the current legal interest rate, in accordance with Article 2-1303, to the balance of unpaid maintenance from the end of each calendar month. The balance of child support paid at the end of the month for the children is the total amount of child support ordered, excluding child support that was due for that month, to the extent that it was not paid this month, and including judgments on retroactive child support, net of all payments received and applied, as set out in this subsection. Accrued interest is not included in the unpaid support balance for the calculation of interest at the end of the month. The unpaid balance for children at the end of each month is calculated by calculating the current monthly child support obligation and calculating all payments received for that month, with the exception of federal income tax refunds, first on the current monthly child support obligation, and then on all payments that go beyond the current monthly support obligation, on the outstanding maintenance balance of the month preceding 1994, 1994, 1 The current monthly maintenance obligation for children is determined by the document in which the maintenance obligation was established. The Confederation`s income tax refund is intercepted and all payments that go beyond the current monthly child support obligation apply to the balance of unpaid child support. All payments that go beyond the current monthly child support obligation and the unpaid support balance are set off against the accrued interest on the unpaid support balance. Interest on child support obligations may be collected by any means available under State law for obtaining judgments on child support.

(B) (i) interest on maintenance payments not paid late shall be collected from the date of late payment of 12% (12%) per annum; provided that interest is no longer collected on or after April 17, 2017, unless the court finds in writing that interest continues to be received. In such a case, the Tribunal shall fix the applicable interest rate after taking into account all the factors deemed relevant by the Tribunal; provided that the interest rate does not exceed 4% per year. Many parents who owe family allowances miss payments and accumulate debts or arrears. States are allowed to charge interest on unpaid aid at the rate set by State law. Interest is generally determined in the same way as for other civil law judgments. States may view interest on child support arrears both as an incentive to promote timely payments and as a penalty for those who do not pay. . . .

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