How To Break A Prenuptial Agreement

If you can prove that you were not able to understand the Prenup when you signed it – for example, if you were sick or under the influence of drugs – this may be a good reason to invalidate it. Uncomfortable or rude perhaps, but not enough to overturn a legal agreement in Pennsylvania. If the marriage breaks down because of an affair, the scammer will have to pay even more to the other spouse. The Rodriguezes married in November 2002, a month after signing their contract. If you live in the New York City area, you may have seen the news last month that a Brooklyn court refused the marriage contract signed by a Long Island woman before her 1998 marriage to her multi-million dollar husband. This is a precedent, and divorce lawyers across the country sit down and take note of it. Will more people try to launch marriage contracts abroad? A long time ago, a marriage contract was considered cumbersome, even offensive, but today, “prenups” are more and more common for wealthy couples. Simply put, a prenup formalizes the agreement between the spouses in the making as to which of their property becomes conjugal property, which one continues to belong to whom individually and what financial arrangements must be made in the event of separation. .

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