Tumblr User Agreement

Read more: 6 Scary User Agreements You`ve Probably Accepted | Cracked.com www.cracked.com/article_19683_6-erschreckende-Benutzervereinbarungen-Sie probably agreed.html#ixzz1mWx29SZH What if you don`t own an Apple laptop but like iTunes for your music? Bad news: they are still watching you. The service agreement clearly states that iTunes takes back data from your device or computer. Even if you don`t have a mobile device that tracks your every move, you can still see where you are when you use your computer. Cherp.Chat and all employees are not responsible for the content of all users. All the rules introduced have been introduced in good faith both in the functionality and in the protection of the user base and the employees of Cherp.Chat are not responsible if the rules of the agreement have been violated under the mandatory use agreement. By respecting the agreement, the user explains to the site that he has read and understands the rules and regulations. If there are any concerns, they have already addressed the staff with their concerns, BEFORE possible disciplinary measures. As of 16.09.2020, logging into an existing account or creating an account is a binding agreement of the user that he has made and understands: Tumblr blogs can optionally allow users to send questions either as themselves or anonymously to the blog to get an answer. Tumblr has also offered a “Fan Mail” feature that allows users to send messages to blogs they follow. [40] [41] In November 2018, Tumblr`s iOS app was removed from the App Store by Apple following the discovery of illegal child pornography images on the service. In addition, 16.45% of Tumblr`s blogs contained exclusively pornographic material. [56] Since July 2013 and the acquisition by Yahoo, Tumblr has gradually limited adult content on the site. In July 2013, Tumblr began filtering blog content with adult tags that appear in search results and tag ads, unless the user is logged in.

In February 2018, Safe Mode (which filters “sensitive” content and blogs) was enabled by default for all opt-out users. [57] You are not allowed to know your partner. That means you don`t need to know why they`re stuck, why they`re pausing, their username, or something like that..

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