Dubai Job Agreement

This includes conditions of employment and may contain a detailed description of the job, which contains responsible performance standards. Upon arrival in Dubai, you will request the formality of this document with an official version of the Ministry in Arabic, as this has a legal prevalence on a contract written in a foreign language. A verbal agreement is possible, but a written agreement is obviously preferable. If you are offered a position that, in the vast majority of cases, takes place in your expatriate country, you will almost certainly sign a contract or at least a creditor. Note: However, in order for a work-related document to be legally applicable, this document must be translated into Arabic and incorporated into your federal employment contract as an appendix to the Other Terms section. All other documents and communications between you and your employer are binding only to the extent that one or both parties engage, i.e. a handshake or a gentleman`s agreement, without legal effect. The difference between fixed-term and indeterminate contracts is the duration of the contract, which may apply for a certain period of time for fixed-term contracts or for an unlimited period of time if one of the parties is obliged to terminate the contract. A fixed-term contract may be renewed with the agreement of both parties or the parties may agree, after the end of the contract, to convert the contract into an indeterminate contract. Choosing the right type of contract at the beginning of a employment relationship is important to reduce risk.

Do you know the types of contracts available and the main differences? Just remember that for any document related to the work, it is not legally enforceable, except written in Arabic. 6. What is the trial period? The trial period is usually a maximum of six months, with the worker`s benefit subject to review. During this period, the employer will assess whether the worker is fit to work. The employment may be terminated at any time without notice or without compensation, except for wages earned. The law provides for two types of employment contracts in Dubai: after the trial period, each party can terminate the contract. The employer must give a 30-day period. Once you are employed in Dubai, you must become familiar with your rights and restrictions as a collaborator.

The UAE employment contract contains everything that includes your job description, compensation and termination of the contract. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the VaE employment contract: in addition, section 88 prohibits a worker from working for another employer during his annual leave or sick leave. Otherwise, their employment with the employer who sponsored their visa could be terminated and their salary may be withheld for the leave. Update: The Minister of Labour has introduced, through three decrees adopted on 27 September 2015, some important changes to the UAE`s labour rules. Click here to learn more. This is essentially the case since both documents contain information about your employment with a particular employer.

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