Iowa Dnr Binding Agreement

Some exceptions require forms or agreements to be signed prior to the transfer of the property. Click HERE for a binding agreement form that will be used if the weather prohibits pre-inspection training. Iowas Time of Transfer Septic System Inspection Law (SF261) was passed by the Iowa Legislature in April 2008 and went into effect on July 1, 2009. The new law requires that each house/building served by a septic system has inspected that septic system before the sale or transfer of the deed of the house/building. The purpose of the law is to eliminate septic systems that are of poor quality or harmful to the environment. Information at the time of transmission can be found on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website (click here). UPDATE: Date of transmission – The AI Dept. Of Natural Resources has implemented an implementation and compliance protocol to identify the exceptional circumstances facing the state through COVID-19. All questions should be directed to Cory Frank at 515-725-8404 or emailed to (IOWWA only tracks information about the time of transfer continuing education for IOWWA-sponsored events.) In accordance with Governor Reynold`s Public Health Proclamation of March 17, 2020, the ministry is attempting to create regulatory facilities and mitigate the economic impact of business closures and social distancing standards necessary to protect public health. To that end, the department is editing this protocol to balance the need to protect and preserve Iowa`s natural resources with the need to protect people from infection.

As a direct result of this measure, current certified inspectors who do not meet the continuing education credit requirements until March 31 may renew their inspector`s licence. All training points acquired after April 1, 2020 are taken into account to meet the continuing education credit requirements for the next certification period 2020-2022. Your information about the renewal of the certification will be transmitted to the address that we have currently indicated for you in our data system. Please use the operator`s certification site to verify your certification mailing address and submit updates as soon as possible to ensure you receive your renewal documents. The Web operator Certification database is located under The operational certification web database is located in Further questions can be directed to Cory Frank at 515-725-8404 or by email at Please notify IDNR of address changes at 515-725-0463 or by email To view your training status on the Iowa DNR website, go to The Iowa Department of Natural Resources Continuing Education Reporting Is available under the heading “Documents & Files” on this page (download and expression). Note: IOWWA provides IDNR with continuing education information for all events sponsored by IOWWA. If you have any questions regarding the timing of transfer inspections or certification requirements, please contact Cory Frank, Iowa DNR, at 515-725-8404 or by email at

Inspections must be performed by an inspector certified by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. An updated list of certified inspectors is available on the DNR website: Click here for the current groundwater hazard statement, the form that must be submitted to the Recorder`s Office with the inspection declaration of the transfer date, or the mandatory agreement mentioned above, unless…

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