Licensing Agreement Celebrity

Remember that when licensing celebrities, it`s common for a celebrity to play a leadership role and often be part of the team`s design decision-making process. Just like endorsements, there are both positive and negative aspects of celebrity licensing. However, since the two types of marketing are unique, there are slight differences. “Celebrities who don`t make themselves available don`t help anyone,” said Jennifer Keene, vice president, Athlete and Property Marketing at Octagon. She continued: “The last thing I want when I partner with a brand and my client is that the assets (for example. B time for production or concerts, etc.) are unused or underutilized. I would like partners to use the assets and see the impact that working with a prominent spokesperson for a brand can have. In most cases, our agreements protect the brand from a celebrity agreeing to a deal, but never expecting it. There are provisions where the talent is used “with all its might” to make itself available for contractual obligations, with sufficient notice and “subject to professional availability”. There`s of course a gray area,” Jennifer continued. From a talent perspective, however, we generally have a provision that states that the failure of a brand to request services through talent does not give the brand a reason to terminate the agreement. For virtually any media, including television, print, film, radio and more, celebrity marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach more consumers and sell more products or services. However, for celebrity endorsements, celebrity licenses, and the services of a brand ambassador to be successful, one needs to cross-check the right celebrity with the right product/service…

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