Moveable Dwelling Tenancy Agreement Form 18B

If you rent as a shared apartment, the law may or may not apply to you. In our sharing sheets you will find information about your legal status and advice on resolving disputes or terminating rental agreements. Starting with the general lease agreement, we`ve put together a list form and some general information about the most common ones to give you a better understanding of what`s needed for the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). You can order printouts on the order page for RTA forms. Online: Scan the completed form, download online and pay with BPAY Post: RTA, GPO Box 390, Brisbane Q 4001. Submit the original form signed with a check or payment order (payable to the Residential Tenancies Authority) It is the responsibility of the administrator/owner to arrange the contract and give a copy to the tenant before paying money or committing to a rental agreement…

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